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Value your Client's Infuence

Social Media marketing is booming, but what is a social media post from your client worth? Metric is the benchmark Instagram valuation service that can maximise your clients, and therefore your income.

In a few clicks get a all your clients valuations in a single place.

With Influencer marketing there is more to look at than followers. You need to dive deeper to weed out fake followers, understand historical engagement levels to determine the true value of a post.

The Metric algorithm collects, analyses and calculates the value of Instagram posts.

Are you getting value for money from influencers? Let us give you comfort your influencers are the right fit.
If you are making 20% on advertising revenue doesn't it make sense to put an independent valuation in front of sponsors? No more negotiating prices, let us do the work.

How we work

Input the instagram handles of the clients you manage
Our back end will collect data and calculate engagement rates, remove fake followers and calculate a Value per Post (VPP) for each of your clients
Results in 2 minutes with every clients value and engagement rates listed.
Metric Indepdent valuations are the industry benchmark to be relied upon.

More than just valuations

An Influencer solution

Over 15 charts to track your account, followers, comment rate, like rate, see viral posts, best posts, worst posts...

Track your competitors and see what posts work for them. Chart your progress against them.

Increase your value and influence through our analytics and suggestions. Learn what posts go viral.

21 days free, cancel anytime, no committment.


Metric offers you the following tools:


All accounts automatically include the following:
Account Analytics, Engagement Score, Virality Score, Total Account Score, Best Posts Tracked, Worst Posts Tracked, Viral Posts Tracked, Full Competitor Analytics, Best Posts, Worst Posts, Location Analysis, Hashtag Analysis, Over 20 Charts, Gender Analysis, Exportable charts, Exportable data


Up to 5 accounts
20 competitors
Followers Cap 500k
Account Valuations
Competitor Valuations
$80 pm
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Up to 10 accounts
40 competitors
Followers Cap 1.5m
Account Valuations
Competitor Valuations
$120 pm
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Up to 5 accounts
80 competitors
Followers Cap 10m
Account Valuations
Competitor Valuations
$180 pm
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Over 20 accounts
80+ competitors
No Follower Cap
Account Valuations
Competitor Valuations
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